Shifting gears from four decades of reporting, editing, and supervising the coverage of every breaking major news story, from presidential assassination attempts, to terrorist attacks, to national elections to wars, to disasters both natural and man-made, Ron Cohen has compiled half a hundred essays about his personal and family life and his journalism career.


This uncommon memoir is by turn sweet, simple, humorous, quirky, serious. It details events over eighty years on planet Earth — a sort of written oral history. The stories are compiled so his four young grandkids, to whom he simply cannot and will not deny ice cream for breakfast, will get to better know (and remember) a grandfather geographically distant, if emotionally close. But it also is for the seventy million grandparents in America—and “kids” of all ages who are looking for a grin, a chuckle, a sigh, even an occasional throat lump.


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